Translation - Interview with Miyake Marie and Hata Sawako

 ** the interview is about the upcoming live event and the radio show that will begin after. it’s a good read for fans of Hata-san, she clearly hasn’t changed at all, still equal parts shy and passionate about the things she loves. also her overtures of friendship toward Miyake Marie are super sweet.

full disclosure, this could be (and most likely is) mistake riddled. i’m always open to feedback, though.

it’s a bit long, hence the

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Takayanagi Akane G+ Translation - 17th May - Meeting Shawako

**I cut the first bit about BII. I tranlated this because I love the friendship between “Tori-san” and “Shawashawa”**

Once it was finished [radio & filming in Tokyo]

I went to eat with that shy girl!

Since we have worked together,
It has been a really long time, but

Meeting for the first time in a long time     

Was good v(^o^)

I was going to write a post for Ameblo,

“Eh? While you’re here with me

You want to write a blog? ( ^∀^)”

Being threatened

I didn’t write.

I trembled.


The survey results

I’ll write it tomorrooooooooow.

It’s unthinkable…

My kouhai.

**please let me know any mistakes :)**