Shawako’s next character. Cute :D

Shawako’s next character. Cute :D


Recordings of the first 2 eps of Shawako’s radio show

it’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally had a proper look for videos of the broadcast (i’m so lazy….). I knew a Japanese fan must have recorded it!



ahhhh this is so good :D

Shawako’s online radio

There was another broadcast of Shawako’s radio today, which I missed!! (ahhh I’m so annoyed with myself, I didn’t realise.)

Good news is that there will be another broadcast next Friday (the 12th) at 16:00 Japan time. The broadcast can be seen here, same as last time. This is an A&G special broadcast again. According to the radio show website, the show proper will begin in October (presumably on the Listen Radio app)

This time I’ll be properly home from work (i work rotating 9-5 for a week and then 8-4 for a week), so I’m going to do my best to record it and upload it for everyone.

Honestly I’m a bit annoyed because these A&G broadcasts are essentially intended to promote the ListenRadio shows, but they are only advertised on the A&G website. The homepage and twitter for the show don’t mention the A&G broadcast at all!

Translation - 140818 Hata Sawako Interview

**interview about shawako’s work doing voice-overs for the preview at the end of the anime Mahou Shoujo Taisen, which is a tie-in to a game she appeared in. (kinda like her voice overs for madam uiro in magical radio 3)

im so proud of her hard work, winning over all the staff like that. go shawako!!**

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new photo and interview!
translation to follow in the next few days :)

new photo and interview!

translation to follow in the next few days :)


Translation: Bubka 05.2014 - “Hata Sawako, found.”

**this translation is from Bubka’s series on the history of SKE48. I have translated the section covering Hata Sawako’s rise in popularity in 2011. I actually bought the magazine for Manatsu’s final photoshoot, and was shocked to see Shawako’s name in there.

it’s a great read for any Shawako fans out there, especially those who, like me, feel like her contribution to SKE is somewhat overlooked at times (i know i’m biased). it’s also wonderfully honest about her many flaws (but i’m not that biased).**

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Fried Chicken with Shawako - Ozawa Ari Ameblo Post 140809

All You Can Eat Fried Chicken

The other day, I played with Masumin (Tazawa Masumi-chan) and Sawa-chan (Hata Sawako-chan) d=(^o^)=b

We’re always together for Nozaki-kun (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun), and from the first episode when we were doing the background noise the three of us became close (≧▽≦)

We were talking about fried chicken on LINE, so we went to an all you can eat fried chicken restaurant \(°Д° )/

I ate three large servings of fried chicken.

It was super delicious (≧▽≦)


I hadn’t seen Sawa-chan for a month,

When me met, she said “Oshisashiburi desu!” to me

“Why polite language? (°_° )” I asked her

 “Relationships reset after a while…(;^ω^)” was what she answered in a hurry!

I need to meet Sawa-chan regularly!

I missed out on taking photos.

Also, here are links for Sawako’s radio show’s Website and Twitter

From the website, you can email the show :)